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Yes! We will make you a cash offer on your house!

We know how much of a nightmare selling your home can be. Our goal is to offer an easy, hassle free opportunity to sell your home! Don’t ruin your credit with a foreclosure or bankruptcy, give us a call!

  • Moving for a new job and don’t want to rent your house because of the hassle?
  • Want to build a new home and are getting tired of your old home?
  • Even death or divorce….or marriage or birth. Or, maybe it’s a rental house that you are tired of keeping up with.
  • A company downsizing that creates financial problems?

Fill in the box below with some information about the house you are interested in selling and we’ll call you to review the home. After our conversation we’ll request some photographs. In some cases, this will be need to make you a CASH offer!


If you’re a realtor who currently has a beach house listed that you are unable to sell. Give us a call! Sell that property for cash!


During the 2008 recession we purchased over 300 homes from Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (gov. entities). Providing many banks with the needed liquidity to offset these assets.


If you enjoy flipping houses and selling them as fast as you buy them, give us a call! Save your money from commission fees and let us get you ready for the next house!

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

If there is a way that we can buy your house before the foreclosure sale, you CAN avoid foreclosure! Don’ ruin your credit with a foreclosure or bankruptcy, give us a call!

How Fast Can You Buy My House?

Most cases, you’ll receive an offer within hours and sell in a matter of days! We’ll buy your house for you while you rent it until you’re ready to move!


Deciding how to begin investing in real estate or choosing where your next investment should be can be difficult. Give us a call or stop by our office to check out all of our investment opportunities!

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